4 Mar

It as been a very long time now when people or let me say those who are new to blogging  do says that they are unable to add safe as PDF to their  blog but this tutorial we put in place all the steps need to  add the botton safe as to your blog with image.
  Firstly and foremost sign up here if you are new to the site PDF BOTTON and
click sign up after accepting  the terms and conditions of the site see image below 

  After the successful signing up a new page will display for sign in, then sign in immediately.
see image below   
Another page will display  and this is the main page you mostly needed,then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on GENERATE JAVASCRIPT….See image below
And after clicking on generate javascript the code will  be display below the copy it and follow the step below.Login to your blog and click design/layout then proceed to add gadget and click javascript and then paste the code and safe.Then check you blog .More to come from the same source 9ja4free

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