12 Mar

To every end there are limitation to human Endeavor and the level to which HUMAN can assimilate, though human memory is almost UNLIMITED, therefore there should at least be a means to increase creatures memory ESPECIALLY human memory. In view of this some researches have been made and the following SIX ways below are some of the output of the research to increase our MEMORY.

1. DISCOVER YOURSELF: as a reader, most especially a STUDENTS, you don’t have to read anyhow but read when you are ready to assimilate. According to educationists, there is what we called individual differences; everybody have there own time in they can read without even been told in order to maximize his/her memory, therefore the key note under this point is that KNOW WHEN TO READ,HOW TO READ AND WHAT TO READ AT A PARTICULAR TIME.

2. DISCIPLINE: He who want to eat the nut must ready to crack the nut, its not easy to read all the night, researches shows that almost 75% of those that do read slept off naturally after 2hours and above but to BYPASS this reading habit FIREWALL you have to discipline yourself through self determination and set a goal for yourself by at least scheduling TIME for each subject/course{TIME TABLE} you will/want to read

3. READ ANYTHING READABLE: Learning has no limit, the more you read the more you learn. Reading is not about what your teacher teaches you in the class or all about what you read in you textbook or handout but try to involve yourself in reading another books from a great thinker and also read books like JOURNAL, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE, HINT etc to widen the horizon of your learning habit and influence the mode of your spoken English.

4. RECAPITULATION: From Oxford advance learner’s dictionary, Recapitulation means to repeat what has been said/read. Therefore as a students we should try to reserve nothing less than 15-25minutes to repeat or re-read what has been memorize/studied/worked when lying on the bed or when you are about to sleep for those who usually read during the night so as to master what you’ve read.

5. RECAST: When reading as a student we should try to understand the message or content of what we are reading so as to be able to TRANSLATE it to your best understood language e.g. your mother tongue, which will quicken your ability to master the passage or content of the message you are reading.

6. EXERCISE: All work without play makes JACK a dull boy. Normally human body need exercises to be healthy according to what we were taught in our SECONDARY SCHOOL DAYS let alone the CONTROL PANEL{BRAIN} is under pressure so we need to exercise our brain in order for it{the brain} to work effectively.
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