12 Mar

Facebook is a social networking platform where millions of people meet to share ideas and mostly to catch fun. It is the 6th most visited website on the planet earth with a number of 70 million users. It is also researched that out of this 70 million users around the globe, 30 million users sign in every day. The most unbelievable thing is that, it was research that only 30,000 of this number actually use Facebook to make money. Get to read this guide simply means you are about to bring yourself out from the chain of poverty. Actually there are lots of fake e-books out there that deceive people on how to make money online. If you have been hit by these wrong internet marketers, don’t worry, in a month from now, after reading and following my guide, you will recover all your past loses. Anyway, just take your time, read slowly and make sure you understand every bit of every chapter in this document

1.1 Get an account with Facebook
The first step to make is to log into the Facebook website which is If you already have an account on Facebook, you can skip this part, but if you don’t, you have to keep on with this step. From the Facebook website interface, you can just easily start-up your registration.

1.2 Setting up your profile
Within this process, you would have to set up your profile by telling people who you are, what you do. You have to make your profile a little interesting for other users who finds an interest in your
profile. As you read on, you will learn how to twinkle your profile to make people visit your profile.
1.3 Become friendly
After finishing setting up your profile, now you can start posting messages on your wall and also start scouting for friends. Since Facebook is a social network community, so many have joined for different purposes. If you have joined Facebook for the purpose of searching for love, you have to search for those people that match with your profile. If you have joined Facebook as a musician, probably you sing hip hop, you have to join a music group, or a subcategory group of hip hop lovers. If you are an entrepreneur and you sell a product that targets 18 to 23 years of age audience, you have to make a target search between this age bracket so they will know who you are and what you do.


2.1 How to discover a niche
Getting to know a niche to start selling or promoting is sometimes difficult. You need to take your time to make though investigation so you would not end up losing. The first step to take in finding a niche is to create or find a niche empire where you can find some profitable niches. First you need to find a market that spends money, and then find out what they want and give to them. That is just how easy you can make money from niche marketing. Let’s continue…. Decide on what product or service you will promote. You should want to offer something that people actually need; your product should be on a demand. Something that would bring changes into people life, make them feel better physically or help them solve their problems.
The process I use in looking for niches to promote is what I am going to teach you. I am always aware of trends and current events in the
world. I read several news papers, magazines both general and niche specific, I watch the news, I listen to radio. It is with this system I got I develop this niche (e-book) you are reading now. Google hot trend is a place you can review the latest trend and also get hot topics from there. It gives you greater insight on what to promote or write about. Yahoo buzz is also another place you can get good ideas from. The eBay Plus site is another grate place you can find good sub-niches. What I do is that, I select category first, then I look for a profitable sub-niches by selecting a sub-category. Amazon is a great place to see what currently exist for any given sub niche. Facebook and MySpace is also a place you can get hot niches from. Search in keywords related to a problem or product in the search tap, when you see the number of people asking so many questions in the forum about a problem; know that you should create a niche market around the problem. Clickbank and Commission Junction is also a place to know which niche to promote. Just visit there market place and see the hot products on sale.
Also do your targets search in both Google and Yahoo? Once you have an idea of which niche to want to target, it’s time to determine the profitability. For this you would have to use the tools found at: or
Simply type in the topic you have in mind and press the submit button. You will then be presented with keywords and key phrases that are related to the subject you have entered. Each keyword or key phrases would have an indication of the number of searches that they have gathered from search engine users. The number of searches made for a particular keyword or phrases is a good barometer that shows the demand for it. Here are some good sites you can get niche ideas:

3.1 Profile Design

Setting up a Facebook profile is separate from signing up a Facebook account. After joining Facebook, the next step is to set up a profile. It is through your profile that people can see the kind of person you are. A Facebook profile is very important, so that when you start to find friends and friends start to find you, they can identify who you are. As you create your Facebook account, I know you might be wondering who can see it. By default your confirmed friends and people in your network can see the basic information such as contact, phone number, emails, websites, blog and other link. You can also restrict this by using your privacy settings, if you choose.
3.2 Setting up your profile for cash
If you already own a Facebook account and now you are reading this e-book for the sake of making money online, I want you to edit your profile and get it ready to earn you some cash. Set your profile to that of an entrepreneur, make you profile accurate and also have a target audience. When you invite people, the first thing they do is to check your profile to know the kind of person you are. So you need to start editing your profile. To edit your profile, click on the tab profile on the big blue bar on the top and then click on edit menu profile. You should select any of these tabs to edit the Information.
Relationship: Information entered here is to know whether you are married or not. What sort of relationship you are into whether married, single, and engaged etc. here you can choose anything that pleases you.
Personal: it is in this tab you need to be very creative. You need to be very careful in saying things about yourself here. I want you to choose a business related option in every of the tabs in this section. I want you to be business conscious. Now within the “about me” tab,
tell them you are a problem solver that should be problems related to your niche. Maybe you have a niche on “How to make a vanilla ice cream”. Let them know you are a nutritionist and that you can help them out whenever they have problem related to Ice Cream. By doing that you are setting your profile on a very high rank. When you invite anybody, they will want to know how you can affect them. And if positively, you have just won for yourself traffic because if the person accepts you and confirms you as a friend, you will always appear on his page, also all your new post will also appear in his page. This gives you an opportunity to always inform the person about changes towards your product or service.

Profile picture: Your profile picture is another way that people can identify you especially if you have a common name or a business name. Your profile picture contributes a lot to make high traffic to your profile. Insert some business pictures that is if it happens you are selling a product, just insert you profile picture to tell the people what you are involved in. so look for a product that describes what you do or who you are. When inserting your profile picture, consider the following points:
MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION: Your profile picture is the first way people interact with your profile. Most people pick pictures that are less flattering, but more representing to what you do.
CONSIDER WHO WILL SEE YOUR PROFILE: By default, a small version of your profile picture appears in search results that are visible to all face bookers. So generally, people who search for your name can see a picture. You can control this with your privacy setting.
CHANGE YOUR PICTURE: You can change you profile picture anytime. If your picture does not portray who you are or what you do, common, change it. You can change you profile picture by simply editing it.

4.1 Creating a group the right way

Facebook group work just perfectly like other social group member interaction. They are easy to create once logged into your Facebook account.

4.2 Why do I need a Facebook group?

Everyone has interests in subjects they know in and out with great detail and so creating a group is like opening up a membership where others who like the topics could get together and send debates and discussion about interesting and related subject.
This is just one many possible uses of a Facebook group as there is possibility of using them as a networking tool and also as a marketing tool to build up future contacts, business prospects and joint ventures. The pages and the groups feature will combined together as they can promote sub-topic under your main group were all pages act like mini topic for the main group subject.
4.3 How to create a group
First log into your Facebook account, then look for the “create a group” button, it is directly under application setting, and once you have clicked “create a group” button, you then come to a page that helps to set your group.
THE GROUP NAME: insert a desired name into this tap. Let it be a group name. A name that could easily be remembered and interesting. e.g Arsenal fan zone, football zone, etc.
GROUP DECRIPTION: This describes what your group does. Following our example, arsenal fan zone, this will tell a description of what the group does. That is, it concentrates on Arsenal fans. If you are not an Arsenal fan, you don’t need to join the group. So therefore make a good description of your group name. Other fields
are also there to fill up. You insert the required information there, that’s if you want. After all this is done, click on “create group”. You will be taken to the next step of setting up your group. The first part is uploading a photograph that will be your group’s avatar. Once you have a good photograph to add, check the box above the upload button to certify that your photo is yours and doesn’t violate copyright, then click upload button. In the next boxes, you are presented with the option of adding your website, blog or other links that is related to your group. Remember, you want to direct traffic to your website, link or blog. So don’t forget. All other boxes presented before you, leave them checked
4.4 Make money with group strategy
You need to be creative with your group. As soon as the group is created, the next plan to carry out is to think of how you can use this group to your advantage. Remember you own the group. You control the group. You serve as the admin to the group. Don’t forget Facebook has over 70 million users and over 30 million active users in a day. What you have to do to start earning your cool cash is to start inviting people to your group. Search for you target market, make a profile search. If you can hit 1 million confirmed friends or 200,000 Nigerian. If you can help them solve their problems by providing them with your goods or services, you will continue to make money on Facebook till you are tired. What you have to do is to display a link to your website, blog or report that will direct them to your good or service. This strategy works for me.


Please I want you to read this section with understanding. This is the reason why you bought his e-book to make money. So take your time and give this section a maximum concentration. The market targets two sets of people. The choice is yours but I advice you run both markets.
– Those who do not want to sell on Facebook to make money
– Those who want to sell on Facebook to make money
I use this strategy and it works well for me because I make cool money from both strategies.
5.1 Those who do not want to sell anything on Facebook
I believe this is the time you have being waiting for. Actually I need to put you through all those steps above for you to really know how this business works. Remember no start up capital is needed. Now I want to show you how I earn my money, how I get paid right right here in Nigeria. if you are the type that is saying, “I am not a good marketer” or you are saying, “but you said I would not sell anything” yes, I still stand by that, you don’t need to sell anything for you to start making money on Facebook. All you need to do is to follow my step by step guide and I promise you will start making $200 for a start. Now let’s get started.
1. What do you know how to do best? What do you think you have or what do you think you can promote to solve people problem? Answer this question by writing it down. Put it in an informative way. Get it arranged in a website or in a blog. Setting up a blog is free with After your informative or sales website or blog is ready. Go to the next stage. Make sure you have google ads running on them.

2. Log into your Facebook account and create a group. Make sure the group you are creating is related to your blog or website topic and description. If the information on your website or blog is really informative, I bet you, people will actually search for your information on Facebook. Remember, Facebook has over 70 million users and approximately 30 million active users daily. Now when your target audience finds your group, they will join and click on your links which will direct them to your blog or website.
Note: make sure your website or blog contains google ad sense codes. These are codes from google, it transforms into displayed adverts on your blog or website. Now if people start clicking on them, google pays you for that. If you don’t know how to create a blog. Please call me on 07033522356 or visit

3. Make sure you start inviting people to join your group. You can invite over a million friends. Now imagine if you have this number of confirmed friends, that is a lot of traffic for you. Now imagine if 10thousand people click on your link to visit your website or blog and they get what they want from your blog. Now if they visit and start clicking on the adverts that google has placed in your blog or website, I bet you, you can make as much as $700 a month. Remember, google sends you your cheques down to Nigeria. It is sent to your address, so you need to put in when filling the adsense form a valid contact address. You can convert you cheques into naira in any of the GTB banks in Nigeria. I make a lot of money from this medium. You too can make it if I can. These are the three super steps to take if you know you don’t want to be engaged in any sales of the product.



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