12 Mar

Good day to you my fellow friends, my name is ADESANMI OJO ADEDOTUN and my motive today is to show you how to create a PDT without using any software. Although this may seems so funny or very much ridiculous but as far as am concern it’s all about how creative you are and am unleashing because of those who find it difficult to create their own PDF file due to inability to purchase the full functional software; but before I proceed let me say I created this method for those who love to be creative without been created creative and love to develop new thing most especially when either surfing the net or even by just playing with your pc {laptop} you can develop a new thing…………
                                                                                                                        Since creativity is not by virtue nor by power but by the grace of GOD/ALLAH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO CONVERT THE OPENED DOCUMENT TO PDF FILE USING MS WORD. ü Open the document you wanted to convert using your Microsoft word and click PDF on the icon at the top of the view beneath the name of the document name, the another sub-icon will display one icon, then click save as PDF and it will automatically open you adobe reader then save with the name you want to use to save the file created…That’s all!!! ü FILE CREATED AND COMPILED


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