13 Mar

This a little different from the real Google adsense because it does not require you to paste a code into your blog before it displayed ads. Instead, you give them your feed, and they automatically insert the ad code and gather analytics,then they give you a new Google-power feeds to promote on your website/blog feedburner so that your feeds will be import  to your Google account,and once you receive a confirmation message the proceed by following the steps below.

+ Sign in to your AdSense account.
+ On the AdSense Setup tab, choose AdSense for feeds as the product.
+  Your feed unit will be automatically named and properly sized for your feed
+ Set your ad type, frequency, post length, position, and colors.see setting guild-line from seeting guildline
+Add a channel, and mark it target-able by advertisers. We recommend this to increase visibility of your ad        space.
+Choose a feed (or feeds) in which you want feed ads to be displayed.
     If you’ve used feeds in the past, choose one from your list of active feeds that don’t already have a feed     unit.
    If this is your first time setting up feeds with AdSense or FeedBurner, you’ll need to burn a new feed first. Click the burn a new feed link, then enter your blog or feed URL. Some platforms may present you with a choice of feeds to use as the source; usually picking the Atom feed will work. After providing this information you’ll be given a new URL for your feed which you should promote or redirect to in order to make sure all subscribers are seeing your enhanced feed.
Save your changes, and start using your Google-powered feed, which will start displaying ads very soon
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