13 Mar

Definition: Obesity is an excess of body fat, overweight is an excess of body weight,including all  components of the body composition (muscle,bone,water and fat).In this view the under-listed point will in one way or the other helps you to reduce your heavy weight if you followed it squarely.

1.       1.Exercise: Exercise is the physical exertions of the body which make the body do a physical which results in a healthy or healthier level of physical fitness and mental and physical health. In other words, exercise aim to maintain physical fitness and general health care. Exercise involves jugging, carrying of weight, etc. to enhance fitness

2.       2.Taken exercise water: What help to reduce appetite, when you wake  early in the morning take at least two glass of water before taken(eating) anything so as to reduce the sugar content of what you are going to take that day. Since drinking water burns approximately 70 calories per glass. 

3.    3. Aerobic exercise:  Aerobic exercise has the aim of improving the body’s consumption of oxygen. The word aerobic means with oxygen. Aerobic refers to our body’s use of oxygen in its metabolic process (energy-generating process). Most aerobic exercises are done at moderate levels of intensity for longer periods, compared to other categories of exercise. An aerobic exercise session involves warming up, exercising for at least 20 minutes, and then cooling down.

4.    4.Fast walking: Fast walking is considered as one of the best aerobic exercise. Fast walking helps in burning fat quickly. Before walking, stretch yourself first and warm up with regular exercises. Try to maintain as much speed as you can when you walk.

5.    5.Squats: A body has large muscles in legs and buttocks, so every day for about 10 to 15 minutes put your feet at shoulder level while facing forward. Squat everyday as it will build your buttock and leg muscles. If you are experiencing any severe pain in your knees stop doing it and make sure to warm up first before doing squats.

6.    6.Yam flour : It was or may not be scientifically proved that taken yam flour may reduce weight but it locally, it reduce weight since it causes someone to urinate more often than before……So locally it is was believed that when someone urinate above normal he/she looses weight.

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