16 Mar

Skype has been of the the best way ever people found to share idea with each other and at the same time to talk to one another one on one with the help webcam on their pc but the latest skype version is amazing with too much tip and trick on how to make skype more exited for the users.

  1.  CREATE A GROUP CALL OR CHAT: To create a group call or chat on skype you just have to drag and drop your contact into an existing conversation window in order to make it more exited with you friends and starts chatting together 
  2. SHARING CONTACTS :To share your contacts with your friends just drag and drop your contact into the conversation box
  3. MESSAGE EDITING:To edit or revise a message when talking with a friend in order to save time,just right click on the message and click on edit on the drop down menu list
4.ENTER A NEW LINE CONVERSATION:To enter a new line conversation with the latest skype          version just click PRESS CRTL + ENTER and a new line will be display for conversation
5.SHARING FILES AND PHOTOS:To start sharing your files and photo on skype with a friend(s) just drag  and drop the files and photos into the chatting box when using IM or a call

6.CALL OR CHAT WITH FACEBOOK FRIENDS:To make call with facebook friends on skype just start  from skype home and roll over to a friend status update to select one of the call or text option
7.ANSWER A CALL:The latest way of answer a call on skype without touching your mouse is by just  PRESSING ALT + PAGE UP
8.ANSWERING A VIDEO CALL ON SKYPE:To answer a video call with a friend on skype just press    CTRL+ALT+PAGE UP
I think this trick is helpful in order to save so much of your time and to manage you conversation,don’t forget to subscribe to our e-mail so that our latest update will not pass you by

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