27 Mar

2go application has become one of the most populous application used in chatting now a days because of it browsing rate even without subscription.
2go gave room for many people to come in contact with their friends. Many face- booker user or marketer have used Facebook to generate TRAFFIC to their site and sharing same idea by creating face-book group .In this tutorial I we be revealing how to create “2go” group without stress, what you have to do is just follow the steps below strictly
1.       Firstly download 2go from MOBILE for mobile and PC for pc version
2.       Login to your 2go account and click on your friends to minimize it
3.       Click on menu on the left screen of your mobile phone/pc
4.       Then scroll down on the displayed menu and click on NEW GROUP
5.       Enter the name of your group
6.       Click done and then click on add or add group
7.       Go back to default screen and you we see the group created
8.       To add friend to the group, click on the name/username of your friend
9.       Click on menu and click on MOVE friend
10.   Select the name of the group you’ve created
11.   Finally click add
To add more friends to the group START from step 8 above to step 11

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