30 Mar
MMS to blogger is one of the easiest way that a blogger can use to post to his/her blog without much stress unlike SMS to blogger which was restricted to US indigene ,but MMS is general  for all blogger as long as your mobile phone support MMS…….Following the steps below you can post from your mobile phone to your blog using MMS to blogger post method
Firstly,open your Email and send a message REGISTER to or send REGISTER to 256447 as a message

Immediately you we be reply with the address that contain your mobile blog and claiming code in your inbox,and you can claim it through MMS to blogger post
Copy the code and paste in the space provided for claim token and type your verification code correctly the click on continue as showed below
Now after  you have clicked on continue ,login to your blog if required and and point you MOBILE post to your blog directly by selecting the name of your blog and click continue and after congratulation……You we be told that it might take some minute before your request will be completed but once you see something
like mobile phone in the right hand-side of your blog DASHBOARD then you can now post from your phone to your blog
To post from your phone to blog compose you message in  MMS format and send it to 256447.

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