MTN Inttroducing Nano Sim Card

24 Jan

With New MTN Nano sim card you can Unlock the power of the thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone ever made by Apple with the new MTN Nano SIM.
You can now purchase the new MTN Nano SIM to be used on your iPhone 5 and other new generation mobile devices at any MTN Walk-in center and dealers nearest to you.
The MTN Nano SIM is the latest improvement in SIM card technology, resulting in a SIM that is 60 percent smaller than your normal SIM and ensures that the next generation of super smart devices is supported seamlessly on the MTN network. 
You don’t have to worry about losing any functions currently available on your regular SIM when you switch to a Nano SIM as the Nano SIM supports all the features currently available on your regular SIM.

The Nano SIM tiny size provides phone manufacturers with additional space to create more features and functionality on the next generation super smart devices.
The shape of the Nano SIM is well aligned to provide slimmer smart phones with sleeker designs.
Phones used with Nano SIM will have longer battery life and more storage space due to the extra space created by the Nano SIM.
Nano SIMs possesses comparatively higher safety standards than both the available normal SIMs and micro SIMs.


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