2 Feb


The Blackberry Z10 happens to be the first blackberry 10 smartphone which doesn’t work like most other types of blackberry (smartphone). It’s rightly observed that the Blackberry Z10 does not possess home button so it makes it fairly steep learning curve for anyone that is used to other iOS or Androids phone.
It’s however a so powerful organizer which is much friendlier feels than other previous Blackberry phones such as Bold5,Boldd4 etc .
Blackberry Z10 RIM available on all four of the major U.S carriers as at the time of this post at $199.
The back of the RIM of Blackberry Z10 is what is called ‘SOFT TOUCH’, the back is removable, that made user swap out a new SIM, a MEMORY CARD or a SPARE BETTERY.
The volume button have slight indentation which can be found only by a slight touch and the middle button control play/pause or mute mode and the left side possess port for the microUSB and microHDMI for external display connection and the power/sleep button is located at the top very closed to headphone jack/port and in lieu of the home button the screen can be locked just by sliding your finger up from the button of the phone screen, for Blackberry Z10 uniqueness show applications icon as an array when you swipe between screens, the animation possess them fadeout and overlap each other slightly.
With Blackberry Z10 Hub you can change the view to display just one account or a mix and swiping down from the top shows your coming calendar events, and from the left of the Hub it shows account list, its typing predictor keyboard predict what the next word you want to type might be with several options over various keys.
Woooow to Blackberry with this Blackberry (Z10 smartphone)


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