4 Feb

Nokia phone manufacture is nothing but one of the best phone company in the world with almost the highest patronage and of different products such as Nokia N900,Nokia N97,Nokia Asa’s and many more but now they’ve really upgrade from the mode of manufacturing to window level.
Nokia phone manufacturer is reportedly working on a true pureview window phone which sensor is similar to the exact one found in the company with 41-megapixel.
According to verge, the phone (Nokia pureview) will not be made of polycarbonate rather it’ll be made of aluminium typically found in Nokia Lumia line.
Slated tto lunch on AT and T later this year and the handset code name ‘EOS’
Nokia was also reportedly working on its own windows 8 tablet to be lunch latest thi year. Also the Lumia 920 which was one of the best smartphone cameral available today also bear the pureview name.
The Nokia 808 pureview come in different colours .It’s heavier than the normal average phone with the camera len protruding from the back and by record it’s the most interesting feature is the 41-megapixel camera.


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