5 Feb

WordPress as an online blog data-base for blogger to share the view or area of interest online and even on social networks is grow heavily every day, and it’s of no doubt that social network is one of the means to share ideas with friends mostly online, with this tutorial you’ll be taught how to allow facebook and twitter comment on
Whenever a reader click on either the facebook or twitter icon on your blog a new window will appear from the service asking them to login so as to approve giving information on yor blog and this is majorly control by facebook and twitter for security reason since it’s possible to login as different user at the same time and in such case user are allow to choose identity in which is to be posted.
And when user click any of the social network icon they can also choose to leave a comment as guest or anonymous
Now to enable that LOGIN to your WORDPRESS dashboard, click SETTINGS and click on DISCUSSION as in the image below
And in the default wordpress settings their three options for you to either alter or leave unchanged, then change the settings to suit your need so as to enable facebook and twitter comment.
Hope this is trigger your page view from your social networks friend


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