6 Feb

NO 1
Every day, uncounted numbers of viruses are spread through the flash, memory cards,cd/dvd etc to our system as a result of autorun/autoplay function on our system policy setting. This tutorial is encompasses with the techniques to stop the autoplay to avoid virus from contacting your system through autorun/autoplay.
However these function can be so harmful to your computer security, besides the internet, external media is the greatest means of spreading virus, when an external storage device contains virus is connected to your computer and is open using file view, if the files in the device contains virus it’ll autorun directly on your computer.
With this tutorial you’ll be able to stop autorun on your pc/system
Step1. Click window start but and type “run” without quote and click enter to open
Step2. Type gpedit.msc and click ok
NO 2

Step3. When it opens click on Local Group computer police or Local Computer Policy and click to open
NO 3
Step4. Click computer configuration—> Administrative—>Template—>Windows components
NO 4
Step5. On Autoplay policy,right click on Turn off Autoplay and select edit and a new window will appear or open
NO 5
Step6. Click on Apply and click Ok to finish.


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