8 Feb

Blog header is no doubt that, it’s one of the criteria that often make blog look more professional but it’s quite unfortunate that many blogger can’t create their own header to suite their need to make their blog look the way they wanted it to be, but today I’ll be teaching on how to create personal blog header with a short period of time
Firstly, their some software that’ll be needed in creating personal blog header and these are
2. INFRANVVIEW (Search from Google to download)
Now let begin the tutorial
Step1.Open your power point and hold on the right key to highlight and delete the lines in your power point screen display
Step2. Click on insert then word art to type what you want to display in your blog header and click to choose your design font and then choose save as PNJ OR JPEG
Step3. Close your power point application and open your infranView
Step4. Click on file at the top left hand corner and open the created header through InfranView
Step5. Highlight the image for cropping and click EDIT at the top and click on CUT SELECTION and then save to replace the original one
Step6. Now you’ve successfully created your blog header and then upload it to you blog and view your blog for confirmation of NEW BLOG HEADER



  1. Ameh Daniel February 9, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    Please i want to learn how to create blog

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